The Best and Most Popular Restaurant High Chair

If you looking for a restaurant high chair, you came to the right place. We found some of the best and most popular ones for you. There are commercial models as well as portable ones to bring with you. We even included some covers to cover the chairs for sanitary reasons. There are many different […]

Spice Rack Ideas for The Kitchen and Pantry

Many of us find our cabinets and counters overrun with spices in all of their forms: packets, bottles, shakers, and so on. These spices may pile up over a period of time, making an unsightly mess of an otherwise well-kept kitchen. And while this is certainly a problem of image, it is also an impediment […]

Bakers Rack Ideas for Your Kitchen

There is nothing like a bakers rack to add a touch of charm and beauty to your kitchen. Not only is a bakers rack a great way to decorate the kitchen is also a great way to get some more storage in the room for things like cookbooks, canisters, knick knacks, and wine bottles. Get […]

Affordable and Stylish Floor Mats for Kitchen Areas

Most people own a kitchen floor mat for practical purposes without considering the rest of the room. Match the mat with the rest of the kitchen and enhance the surroundings. Many homeowners are surprised when I suggest a new kitchen floor mat to spruce up the kitchen along with a few other inexpensive touches. Anti […]

How to Choose Wall Colors for a Dining Room

If you have a separate dining room in your home, the colors you choose for the walls can go a long way in projecting the style and ambiance you desire. Whether your style is formal and traditional or a more casual style, such a country or shabby chic, the right colors can help you set […]

Retro Kitchen Decor Ideas

Retro kitchen decor is a great choice. I love vintage and retro… sometimes I use both in the same decorating plan. Achieving a retro kitchen doesn’t mean you have to gut or demolish the kitchen and start from scratch. We can’t all afford to do that. Adding some simple, retro touches can turn an uninspired […]